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Image of Rare Charivari European Jay WAS $363

A real European Jay and some of his wing feathers! He was found dead overseas. He has been professionally cleaned and prepared. Total length of pendant, including the bail is approximately 3 and 3/4 inches long.

European Jays or Eurasian Jays are stunning birds that might lead one to think they are related to the jay family however they are in fact related to the crow family!

Highly intelligent of most bird species, they can mimic other animals, even human voices.

Symbolically, very little is known about them......the most I could find about this mysterious beauty is that he is associated with Ancestral Wisdom and prophecy.

If you happen to know more, I'd love your input!

He has been set in a handmade sterling silver frame made just for him, along with his beautiful blue and black wing feathers.

As my gift to you, This beauty comes with an Italian silver rolo chain, please be sure to select length at checkout. In my personal opinion I would go with a chain that sits closer to your neck rather than lower.

Care Instructions:

Please remember, though this is a pendant, please treat it as taxidermy too. Oils from your skin and fingers can eventually cause harm to the feathers so be sure to remove prior to working out/dancing, going to bed; wear gently.
Please keep out of direct sunlight and no moisture! Remove before showering, swimming, hot tub, etc. If you are applying makeup, perfume or any hair products, please do so before placing the necklace around your neck.
When not wearing you can place him gently in the box provided( I included a sachet of lavender buds for his safe keeping, please do keep them in the box with him).

Shipping is a bit higher on this pendant as insurance coverage costs more so price reflects. Should it be less at time of shipping I will automatically refund you the difference. PLEASE leave a contact phone number as I do need it to ship properly to you.

Make sure to read my store policies.

If you have any questions, I am here to help.


Image of Rare Charivari European Jay WAS $363 Image of Rare Charivari European Jay WAS $363 Image of Rare Charivari European Jay WAS $363