Thank you for stopping by and visiting my shop, I am very grateful!

What got me started with creating jewellery was a lifelong love of nature, it is a driving source of inspiration be it through drawing and now, making jewellery. My other source of inspiration draws from my interest of cultures from around the world and their beliefs along with the clothing and accessories they wore, what elements and symbols they used and why. Most significantly, German hunters of the Victorian era who wore charms on the chain across their lederhosen called "charivari"

Everyone has something beautiful to offer and we should treat this life as a gift and learn from each other and of course nature itself. So often we take for granted the beauty in life.

The taxidermy I use in my work are both legally and ethically sourced; no animals are ever harmed or killed to be apart of my pieces. All parts I carry have been professionally cleaned by licensed taxidermists.

Within my store you will be able to see my passion for nature and even various beliefs. Things will always be evolving and growing. Please also understand, if there is anything you see that you like, but wish to have it altered, custom work is available. For more of my work, please feel free to visit my etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/arcaneforestjewelry

I hope my creations are to your liking and can be a stepping stone to your dream piece!

<3 Tanja