Winged Foot of Hermes

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Image of Winged Foot of Hermes

This beautiful necklace features a three dimensional hand carved buffalo bone foot set in a unique and one of a kind silver winged handmade cap!

Hermes was the personal messenger to greek god Zeus but also led the dead to the underworld. He was a god for travellers as well. Foot charms are seen in some Victorian jewellery though rare, not much is known about why but my personal assumption would be that it was carried as a good luck charm for travels.

This lovely pendant comes with the chain as shown.
The pendant measures a total length of 60mm( including the bail).

Comes carefully wrapped and packaged

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If you would like care instructions please let me know, I will happily provide it.


Image of Winged Foot of Hermes Image of Winged Foot of Hermes